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Brevet Club

In order to establish and support the Northern Rockies Heritage Center, the Board of Directors authorized the formation of the NRHC Brevet Club. Membership in the Brevet Club confers special privileges and is limited to the first fifty donors who contribute $1,000 or more toward the development of the NRHC at Fort Missoula.

The Brevet Club was named for the brevet rank given to soldiers, primarily in the Civil War by the Union Army, as a meritorious promotion. This honor was originally given to those who served in combat with valor, though in later years it was given more freely. Those who were brevetted had essentially no additional authority due to the brevet promotion in rank, except in certain unusual circumstances. In Montana history, there is probably no more famous officer to carry a brevet rank than General George Armstrong Custer. He was given the brevet rank of Major General during the Civil War, but his permanent rank was Captain.

Members receive a sterling silver lapel pin designed especially for the NRHC Brevet Club by silversmith Lee Carrel. The pin design includes a depiction of Officer’s Row in relief. Each pin is signed and numbered.

In addition, Brevet Club members’ are engraved on a plaque displayed in the Villa.

Your contribution will assist the NRHC in its efforts to place historical, cultural, and educational attractions in the buildings known as Officers’ Row. Because the NRHC is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, your contribution is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Our Assets

17 Acres includes 7 buildings in “Officer’s Row”, 4 original carriage houses, parade grounds, the original water tower, Post Headquarters and the original stone powder magazine built in 1878

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Office and Event Rental

We offer large and small, indoor and outdoor venues for a broad range of personal and public events including weddings. We also offer office space rentals in 8 buildings.

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Help & Support

Your help and support is appreciated! There are many facets to maintaining this historic buildings and properties. We are pleased to offer volunteer positions, or you can support us financially!

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NRHC Brevet Club Donors

Brevet Members Who are Former NRHC Presidents:
  • Ginny Cass
  • G. Kent Lewis
  • Roger Bergmeier (founding member)
  • Ed Coffman
Brevet Members Who are Present and Former NRHC Directors:
  • Helga Hosford, Ph.D.
  • Tim Gordon
  • Steve Adler
  • M. Y. ‘Bo’ Foster
  • Andy Sponseller
  • John Koch
  • Otto Koester
  • Ron Mason
  • Robert Brown, Ph.D.
Brevet Club Donors:
  • Robert A. Svoboda
  • Glenn Parmeter
  • Col. Sam Roberts
  • Dr. Gerald Doty
  • Gillespie Realty
  • Thelma Hendricks
  • E. M. “Bud” Lewis, Jr.
  • Jeff Smith/JS Corporation
  • Marge Hendricks
  • Jim Valeo